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The relationships of Maleficent throughout the Descendants franchise.



Maleficent named her daughter with Hades after herself. Mal has always wanted to make her mother proud though her mother's expectations were too high and her mother never thought she was evil enough, often lecturing about how evil she was in the past and often comparing Mal to herself and putting her down and putting severe pressure on her. Mal was the most determined of the VKs to follow her parent's footsteps especially since her mother was the most powerful. She tried looking to her mother and asking her what to do and believed correctly her mother would punish her should she fail. Lonnie also asked Mal if her mother ever made her cookies since she thought villains loved their kids too, causing Mal to become depressed while claiming her mother did love her but seemed reluctant in her words. However, Ben assured her that she doesn't have to follow her mother's path and that she had goodness in her and should follow her own heart. When her mother and the other parents talked to the VKs via computer chat, Maleficent pretended to care about Mal when really she just wanted to know if she founded the wand yet, leading to arguments among the parents and pressure and anxiety for the VKs. When Maleficent saw Mal had "tricked" Ben in order to get close to the wand she seemed proud. She was upset when Mal chose good and decided to punish her, but Mal had stood up for herself against her mother and turned her into a lizard (since she turned her into the size of the love in her heart). Despite this, she told the guards to be careful when escorting her away because she was still her mother and she still loved her and even told Hades that she doesn't hate her mother because she was always there for her.






Hades and Maleficent both attended school at the Merlin Academy where they were both members of Uliana's Gang. At some point Maleficent and Hades got married and had a daughter named Mal together. Hades left Maleficent because he couldn’t stand her and left her with their daughter Mal.

Evil Queen[]

The Evil Queen is one of Maleficent's allies on the Isle of the Lost. Their daughters are best friends and raised them together.


Jafar is the only male member of Maleficent's small group of allies in the Isle of the Lost.

Cruella De Vil[]

Cruella is the only one of Maleficent's allies who doesn’t have

magic powers nor possessed a magical item, like Jafar and the Evil Queen.