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I'm Your Girl All Hail the New Q.N.L.B.
Audrey Oooh! I'm so happy to be in these genie outfits again.
Jane But... where are ours?
Jordan I haven't been able to settle on a design for you, guys, yet. Besides, I'm back order.
Ally Works for me. I'm not really much of a "Genie Chic" type. I consider myself a little more... Wonderland unique.
Jordan Okay, people. This is crunchtime. Auradon prep's annual Fighting Knight's ball is coming up and we still don't have a theme for the party.
Audrey Oooh, I know! Let's do a pretty, pretty princess theme.
Ally We did that last year! And the year before. And the year before.
Mal I have an idea.
Audrey Let me guess, You want everyone to wear purple.
Mal No. Yes.
Evie What about a "who's the fairest" party? It'll be a competition. The winner will get everything and the loser will get nothing.
Jane That sounds mean..
Evie Thanks!
Lonnie How about a kickboxing hip-hop ball?
Jordan So you dance while you punch your friends?
Freddie Now, that's my kind of party.
Jane What about a garden pumpkin party? We could decorate everything with pumpkins! Bibbidi Bobbidi!
Lonnie Ooh. I love pumpkins
Audrey You wanna throw a garden vegetable party?
Mal How about a wicked ball? Can't change perfect.
Jordan Perfectly imperfect. A genie party.
Audrey You want a party that celebrates you?
Jordan Well, yeah. I'm fabulous.
Jane A Fighting Knights party!
Freddie A party in the dark.
Jordan Magic carpet ride party.
Ally How about a wonderful Wonderland party?
Lonnie Neon-glow party!
Freddie I have an idea! Why don't we just do all of our themes?
Ally That sounds like madness!
Freddie Exactly! It'll be a mad princess, hip-hop, party in the dark, magic carpet, wicked Wonderland, garden neon lights party!
Mal Wait! A neon lights party! That's actually really cool! It could be some sort of neon light filled mash-up of all of our ideas with everyone glowing via Evie's neon fashion invention. Or... do you guys wanna talk about it for a few more hours?
All NO!
Ally Great! I'll start working on the E-blast. Oh, what to wear, what to wear?
Lonnie Just the right neon fashion will be... phosphor-essential!