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The Merlin Academy, or just simply Merlin Academy, is a former academy founded by Merlin and was located in an area that was later known as Auradon. Sometime in the future, it was renamed to Auradon Prep.

Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

As its name suggests, the academy was founded by the wizard Merlin in a kingdom that later became Auradon, it was where many students, including villains, attended before Auradon and the Isle of the Lost were founded. When Red and Chloe found themselves back in time, the two found a girl named Fay who was a young Fairy Godmother who was unsure of what Auradon was before leaving the two to retrieve her spell-book.

Upon entering, the two Princesses were discovered by Merlin who believed the two were late for class though Chloe attempted to explain they were not from that time before Red interjected by stating they were transfer students, a claim which Merlin believed as he used his wand to send Chloe's sword away to the Stardust Room as swords were not permitted on the grounds before allowing them to attend his Honours Alchemy class which was held in his classroom that doubled as his office. In the room, Chloe and Red eventually met their teenaged mothers before partnering up with them for the lesson, while Chloe got along with Ella, Red struggled to understand how her mother, the Queen of Hearts was much nicer as a teenager as the latter explained that even in a bad situation, it would not hurt to still be friendly to everyone. ("Life Is Sweeter")

When Uliana and her group arrived, Bridget explained to Red and Chloe that Uliana was the younger sister of Ursula, Uliana's attitude towards Bridget and Ella eventually caused Red to defend the two when Uliana stole the flamingo feathers from Bridget's cupcakes, Red's threat only provoked the bully further as she ate the feathers despite Bridget's warnings and protests not to do so, the incident caused Uliana to partially turn into a flamingo and then chase down Bridget and Ella. Upon falling into a fountain full of water, Uliana swore revenge on the Princess of Hearts after it was witnessed by other students.

Though Bridget insisted she wanted to apologise for what had happened, Ella claimed an apology was not warranted due to Uliana constantly bullying those not in her group as the topic of the upcoming Castlecoming was brought up once the then Prince Charming finds the four and asks Ella to the dance as the latter claims that she does not want to attend an event that she believed to be an outdated elite tradition, Charming then leaves still believing Ella would change her mind as Ella and Bridget then decide to attend the dance together friends as they leave their future daughters on their own.

Sometime after discovering Uliana's plan to exact her revenge (during "Perfect Revenge"), Red and Chloe visit Bridget who shows the two her new dance for Castlecoming ("Shuffle of Love") as the two then ask for the Sorcerers Cookbook though the latter admitted she did not have the book on her shelves due to it being both forbidden and enchanted before revealing it is kept in Merlin's office under an enchantment to prevent people with bad intentions from getting it as Red then discovers The Looking Glass as Chloe wonders what it is as Bridget explains its power of foresight but insists she does not wish to use its power and instead wants her future to be a surprise as Red then uses it to see into the future where she and Chloe discover King Charming demanding to know where Cinderella is only for the Queen of Hearts to break the glass slippers in front of the dismayed King as Red assures the King's daughter that it will be fine as long as they prevent the coup.

After learning of the book's location, the two then leave the room but once again argue when having different opinions on how to retrieve it with Red believing stealing it would be for the best and Chloe wanting to tell Merlin the truth as the two split up. Later, Red then sneaks into the academy only to be confronted by Chloe who agrees that it is for the best that the book be stolen by them after talking with Ella. (during "Get Your Hands Dirty") The two then attempt to locate the book only for Red to trigger the enchantment causing the swords belonging to the Knights of the Round Table to activate in an effort to prevent the theft, Red and Chloe successfully fight off the swords only to be then targeted by a knight acting as a final defense mechanism though it is also easily defeated only for Uliana, Hades, Maleficent and Hook to enter the room as Uliana took the book for herself only for the enchantment to activate and freeze her and her group as Red and Chloe then taunt them with Red taking Hook's boots and giving them to Chloe to replace the glass ones she had broken during the fight, the two then leave the room only for Merlin to find the four and place them in detention.

Red and Chloe then return to the steps that they fought on (during "Fight of Our Lives" and return to their time.


  • Merlin (Principal, teacher and founder)

Former Students[]

Other students[]

  • Princess Red of Hearts ("Transfer")
  • Princess Chloe Charming ("Transfer")


  • One of the dormitories is called the "Stardust Room" and was where Red and Chloe slept during their time in the past.
  • The "Castlecoming Dance" is a reference to the American high school "Homecoming" dance.


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