aka Ariel

  • I live in San Antonio
  • I was born on March 4
  • My occupation is fan-fiction writer/part-time youtube reviewer
  • I am Female
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  • Hey SailorSedna052!

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  • How old are you

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  • You like fanfiction, too? Cool. So are you on Wattpad?...

    BTW please review my story and vote. [[1]]

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  • Congrats on your first mission ! You have freed Auradon from Maleficent's curse !

    You had the power all along yet you were scared at first.

    This is why you have gained a special prize.

    You have shown great responsibility and maturity on this wiki and you won the first level thus it was only fair for you to get a badge. We hope to see you around often !

    ~sincerely from all of us

    Descendants staff logo
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  • Hi uh no one said you must be on discord to join the Maleficent hunt and the fanfiction and fanart contests. We would have said so if it was the case. Please do not provide false information we did not say or your own personal thoughts as other people might understand as well.

    Have a wicked day !

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    • SailorSedna052 wrote: Thanks and what I meant by 'other guy' I mean WMSWMCQSADAKJM and Maleficent wouldn't talk to me or him. I didn't want want to say the users's name so he wouldn't get trolled on since he already is by some people at the admin for unnessesary edits. I'll join the next game with a fresh start.

      Well all I can say is that you can still join plus being a descendants fan does not mean they have an advantage on you.... who said the riddles will be descendants related...Adding to this they didn't follow the rules which was only one person was supposed to message Maleficent and then she'll talk to that person if she saw multiple people she wouldn't so please try again with the game and this game's whole purpose is to have fun :)

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    • Okay. I'll try one more time, right now. BUT if she says no to me, I'll wait for the next one.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I saw your comment on the page Uma, and no, your question is not stupid at all. I've wanted to make a space in this wiki to have the symbols of each and all the characters. If you want, I will edit them and upload them all in a blog. I will tell you when I'm done.

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  • Yes, sure, you refused to join our discord already twice but still.. Watching over your edits on our wiki. People like you can be a valuabale part of our staff team someday. It will be great if you will reconcider your decision and give our server a try. If you are afraid of trolls - dont be. Yes, we have trolls, lots of them. But we they are trolling only those who are not doing much on wiki. Editors like you have nothing to fear. We are trying to protect such people (as long as they are useful for us).

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  • Nothing to fear, pal. This scolding admin is just here to say hi!

    I saw you pretty active around the wiki. Welcome! I'm so sorry if the welcome message hasn't reach you. I honestly have no idea why sometimes those don't come. As I said... just the scolding admin, not the techie.

    Alrighty, let's just ignore what I've been blabbering about and start with real talk.

    How are you doing?

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