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Morgie le Fay is a tertiary antagonist in the film Descendants: The Rise of Red. He is the son of Morgana le Fay. He is a student at Merlin Academy. He is portrayed by Peder Lindell.

Background Information[]

Morgie le Fay is the son of Morgana le Fay and one of Uliana's adoring sycophants.


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Physical Appearance[]

Morgie is a boy with dark brown hair swept off his forehead. He also has hazel eyes.


  • Dark Magic: Like his mother, Morgie is able to manipulate dark magic at his will.
    • Spell Casting: Morgie is able to change and control events through the use of incantations and recitation such as making his eyes become those of snake eyes.
      • Serpent Eyes Spell: Morgie can make his eyes appear like that of a snake when he says, "Serpentine".


Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

Red and Chloe meet Morgie in the past as a student at Merlin Academy and a member of Uliana's group. He and the rest of Uliana's Gang appear while Bridget is handing out cupcakes to the students, until Uliana snatches them and eats the decorative flamingo feathers, whereupon Morgie and the rest of her gang mock Bridget. But the feathers make Uliana's face transform into that of a flamingo, and after chasing Bridget for it without success, she and her gang retreat.

Afterwards, Morgie and the rest of the gang go to Uliana's lair in the Black Lagoon where he teases Uliana for the flamingo incident causing Uliana to get angry. Inside, they plan to get revenge on Bridget, intending to steal the Sorcerer's Cookbook for it.

At Merlin Academy, Morgie is chosen to keep watch while the rest of the gang goes to Principal Merlin's office to steal the book. Shortly after, up a tree, Morgie sees Principal Merlin arrive and tries to get the attention of his companions by imitating barks and meows to warn them, but without success, only getting Merlin to almost discover him, making Morgie take cover behind a branch.


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