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Mr. Deley is a character who appears in the Disney film Descendants, portrayed by Jonathan Holmes. He is a science teacher at Auradon Prep.


On Evie's first day in class, Mr. Deley attempts to humiliate her by asking her about the atomic weight of silver. Evie, however, manages to answer correctly using her Magic Mirror hidden in her hand.

When it came time for a test, Chad Charming steals her mirror and gives it to Mr. Deley, who later uses it as an excuse to recommend Evie for expulsion. Doug begs him to give Evie a chance and Mr. Deley agrees to return Evie's mirror and let the matter slip if she passes the test, which she does with a B+.


  • Mr. Deley is one of only two employees that did not come from any Disney film (the other being Coach Jenkins)

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