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Mr. Smee is Captain Hook's first mate and the secondary antagonist in Disney's 1953 animated film Peter Pan. He made an appearance in the film Descendants 3. He is the father of Sammy Smee and the twins Squeaky and Squirmy Smee.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Mr Smee in Peter Pan

Mr. Smee as he appears originally in Peter Pan.

Mr. Smee is Captain Hook's first mate, assisting him all the time, and helping him in his plans to kill Peter Pan, such as kidnapping Tiger Lily together to discover where Pan's hiding place is, although Peter manages to rescue her, or be sent by Hook to capture Tinker Bell, Peter's fairy companion, so that she can reveal the location to them.

After tricking Tinker Bell and learning Peter's location, Smee and the rest of the pirates accompanied Hook to Hangman's Tree, where they captured Peter's friends and left him a bomb. On the ship, Hook tried to get Peter's friends to join his crew, but Peter, who was saved from the bomb, arrived to rescue them, causing a fight between the pirates and Peter's friends, in which Smee tried to escape in a rowboat.

Descendants 3[]

He accompanies his children, Squeaky and Squirmy, when Mal and her friends go to find Villain Kids to take them to Auradon, his two children being part of the chosen for it.

Later, when the barrier of the Isle of the Lost is removed, he arrives in Auradon with Lady Tremaine and Dr. Facilier, where his two children hug him happily and take him with them to the party they are celebrating.




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