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The Museum of Cultural History is a building in Auradon that displays various objects from both the heroes and villains. It is where the Fairy Godmother's magic wand is stored when she does not need it and the one object that Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos were ordered to steal by Maleficent before the four redeemed themselves.



Still trapped on the Isle of the Lost, Maleficent sought freedom much like her allies and after her daughter and her daughter's friends were accepted to attend Auradon Prep, Maleficent ordered them to steal the wand. Once in Auradon, the four planned together on how to steal the wand as soon as Evie located it using her handheld magic mirror. That night, the four went to the museum only to learn the doors were locked, noticing a guard, Mal sent him to sleep using a spell and the four entered without further trouble. Inside, they came across a room which housed statues of their parents but not wanting to waste any more time, all but Mal leave the room as the latter questions her alignment between good and bad. After another failed attempt at grabbing the wand, an alarm triggers and the guard wakes up as the four retreat though Carlos stops the alarm noise by calling someone and mentioning it was nothing serious and the four evade the guard successfully.

Descendants 2[]

Noticing Mal still using her spell book, Evie explains that it belongs in the museum just like her mirror does though Mal refuses to give it up citing she used to be a mess without it. After stopping Uma at the Cotillion party, Mal finally agrees to give up her book and lets it be donated to the Museum of Cultural History.

Descendants 3[]

After watching her former boyfriend Ben propose to Mal, Audrey becomes jealous and leaves to go to the museum at night as she sneaks inside. As she enters, she turns the security cameras off and manages to not be seen by the guard who falls asleep, as she nears Maleficent's Scepter, it calls out to her as she grabs it declaring she is the Queen of Mean and leaves the museum as her new alias, after the four, Uma, Celia, Dude, Uma and Gil entered one of the rooms, Audrey animated the knights and commanded them to fight the group but was easily defeated once both groups began working together. The stolen objects are reported missing to Ben who then informs his parents and Mal, after Audrey was freed and revived, the two items were returned to their rightful stands in the museum.


Villain Statues[]



  • This museum secures magical objects such as King Triton's trident, the magic lamp, The Enchanted Rose and Cinderella's glass slipper.
  • In the "chibi tiny tales" shorts there are some objects from Disney movies and series in the museum that did not appear in any Descendants movie
  • The museum is approximately 2.3 miles from Auradon Prep as stated by Evie.
  • By the end of Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, Ben revealed that Maleficent, in her lizard form, has been transferred to the museum for security.
    • In the following book, Mal was given permission to keep her mother as a pet so long as she remained in a confined space, Maleficent would reside in a cage as seen in Descendants 2.


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