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Celebration The Perfect Wedding Cake
Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts to open with Descendants: The Planning of the Royal Wedding; My Maid of Honor.
Mal (offscreen) Ugh, can you believe the big day is almost here?
Evie Oh, it's gonna be the royal wedding of the century.
Mal (scoffs) And there's so much left to do.
Evie Planning a royal wedding was never gonna be easy, but I'm here to help. I set up tasting next week, and then—
Mal (dazed) My dress?
Evie I'm already thinking about designs.
Mal (surprised) I'm so excited!
Evie So we did flowers and invitations, so that means we're done wedding planning for the day.
Mal There is one other thing...
Evie You're kidding, right?
Mal Speeches.
Evie (chuckles) You and Ben are gonna have to write your own speeches.
Mal And the best man and the maid of honor?
Evie They have to write their speeches, too.
Mal Then you should get a pen.
Evie (gasps) Mal!
Mal Life is a crazy trip full of laughter, tears, and everything in between, and there is only one person who has been with me through it all. You are my best friend and you are, like, a sister to me. So on the greatest day of my life, would you be my maid of honor?
Evie Yes! (hugs her)
Mal (hugs her) I guess that means you've gotta make a maid of honor dress.
Evie Oh, I already did.
Mal You did?
Evie (jumps off) Oh, yeah. (gets dressed) What do you think?
Mal (surprised) That's amazing! Wait, did you know I was going to ask you?
Evie No, but I've been thinking about what I'd wear to your wedding since you started dating Ben.
Mal You're the most extra.
Evie Since I have a dress, it's only fair you have one, too. (takes both dresses from Mal)
Mal (gasps) My wedding dress?
Evie No, this is your wedding reception dress. Every bride needs a costume change for the party. You wanna try it on?
Mal Obviously.
Later than Mal is dressed for the party.
Mal Oh, to die for! I love it.
Evie Just wait until we make your royal wedding dress.