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The Night is Young Hooked On Ben
Ben You're stepping on my toes, just like last time.
Mal Sorry, not a lot of couples dancing on the Isle of the Lost.
Ben Why don't I just step on yours and we'll call it even? (Mal steps on Ben's foot) Ow!
Mal I couldn't resist. You just look so cute when you're in pain.
Ben Jordan? Carlos?
Jay I'm Jay. That's Jordan.
Ben Oh, man. Why do I always do that?
Jordan Hello! You've known me ever since daddy and me jousting class when we were, like, 4. And you still can't get my name right. Come on. How many boys do you know named "Jordan"?
Ben Um, actually...
Mal Hi, guys. Thanks for picking us up... 3 hours ago.
Jay We didn't pick you up.
Mal I was being sarcastic.
Jay I didn't even get that! Living in Auradon is really messing with me.
Mal Yeah. Where were you, guys?
Jay We got carpet jacked!
Jordan What? That doesn't happen in Auradon!
Carlos Apparently, it does.
Ben We were really worried about you, guys.
Ally I wasn't. Sorry. Too honest.
Audrey What happened? You look rough. I mean, even more than you usually do.
Carlos I didn't have the chance to pick up my tux. And it was awesome. White with giant black Dalmatian spots. I was gonna look dog-mazing.
Audrey That is a tragedy.
Carlos I know, right?
Audrey Uh, I was talking about the tux.
Jay She's kinda right. Not having to see you in that tux is worth the carpet getting stolen.
Carlos I know. Good one.
Mal So who did it?
Carlos I don't know! We were getting ready to head out and the rug was pulled from underneath our feet! Literally!
Lonnie Seemed fitting.
Jordan So, you never saw who did it.
Jay Hey! Isn't that the mascot?
Ally Oh, good. Jane found it.
Jane Found what?
Mal Jane?
Jane That's me.
Evie You're not in the mascot uniform!
Jane Uh, yeah. 'Cause this is a formal night. And besides, how could I be in my mascot uniform? It was stolen, remember?
Ally But if you're not in it, then who is?
Ben Guys, it's okay! I'm sure there's an explanation for why... What? Hey, let me go!
Mal Ben? Where did he go? Ben? Ben! Ben!
Lonnie We need search music.
Mal Ben! Whoa. Does the concept "divide & conquer" not exist here in Auradon?
Audrey I don't understand. How can he just disappear?
Mal I don't know.
Audrey Did you do this?
Mal Seriously?
Evie Why would you even ask that?
Ally Well, Ben did magically disappear and Mal does have magic, so...
Mal So what?
Ally So you could have done this.
Mal Why would I make my boyfriend disappear?
Jordan Maybe it's part of your plot.
Mal My plot?
Ally Oh, you know. To take over Auradon and other evil things.
Mal And why would I do that?
Audrey Because you're VK.
Mal I turned my mom into a gecko for you, people. What else do I have to do to prove myself?
CJ (Swings down towards the stage) Hi! Sorry to interrupt. No, I'm not.
Mal CJ.
CJ Hey, Malsie. Miss me? Oh, I was going to give up dramatic entrances. So flashy. But... what can I say? I'm hooked.
Lonnie I don't understand what's going on, but here's some pirate music.
Jordan Let me get this straight, you, guys, know each other?
Evie CJ's captain Hook's daughter.
Jordan Oh. Well, that does explain the seaweed stench.
CJ That's rotting kelp!
Audrey Great, another VK.
Lonnie Okay, I'll stop.