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Slumber Party Pair of Sneakers
Mal Okay, so I'm excited and confused all at the same time. What is this whole "jewel-bilee" thing anyway?
Ally Imagine Cinderella's ball, the Festival of Fools and the Mad hatter's tea party all mixed together times six!
Audrey Yes, Ally. You imagine that all you like. The Jewel-bilee is a dignified ceremony where each of us were given our birthright jewels.
Jane Once we showed we were good. No grades. It's pass/fail.
Audrey Well, we all got our jewels years ago. See?
Evie Whoa! Awkward.
Audrey And now, for the first time they're releasing jewels for the VKs!
Evie Releasing?
Audrey Well, yes. When the villains were relocated, their jewels were collected.
Mal Translation: stolen!
Audrey So they could be held safely. And now Auradon will bestow them upon you at the majestic Jewel-bilee!
Freddie They're giving us our own jewels? How generous!
Audrey What?
Evie Huh?
Mal Ooh, snap! Who's the rarest of them all?
Evie Seriously?
Freddie Looking good, Green Face!
Ally Oh, dear!
Jane Oops! I bibbidied the tea. It was supposed to be a surprise. To give us all a healthy glow.
Mal It's okay, Jane. I look fierce. Hey, maybe I'll even match my jewel.
Lonnie Uh, wait. You didn't tell her? Nobody told her?
Ally Maleficent hid your jewel. Somewhere on the isle.
Audrey Everyone looked, but it was never found.
Jane So, you're not getting one Mal.
Mal 2 inches tall, shoved in a jar, and my mom is still ruining my life.
Audrey I know. It really puts a damper on the whole celebration.
Mal So thanks to my mom, I'm an outsider. Again! But you know what? Not this time! I am going back to the isle and I'm going to find that jewel.
Evie Well, okay. Then I'm going with.
Mal No, Evie. I don't want you to get in trouble!
Evie Oh! But it's okay for you?
Mal I'm the daughter of the most evil villain in the world. You know? I'm always in trouble. I am getting that jewel, and nobody, not even my mother, is going to stop me.