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Evil Among Us Party Crasher
Jay Long time no see, Zevon.
Jane Zevon?
Freddie Sounds like a laundry detergent, right?
Zevon No doubt you've heard of my mother Yzma but today my evil maculations will rival her own!
Freddie I think you mean machinations.
Zevon Don't be so condescendinating!
Carlos Wait. So, how did you get off the Isle?
Zevon It was all thanks to Mal.
Jane Audrey was right. Mal was behind all this!
Zevon No. I would like to think she came back for me. I always imagined there was a spark between us.
Carlos The island?
Zevon Oh, right. So two days ago when Mal came to the Isle. She opened the protective dome for a few precious seconds. I was watching. Not that I sit around and watch Mal it's just uh. Anyway when she finally left the Isle I boldly slipped out as the dome was opened.
Carlos And you swam all the way here?
Zevon No, just part of the way. Then I got a ride with a friend.
CJ Ahoy!
All CJ?
Carlos What are you doing here?
CJ Hi, guys. Did I tell you I got my own ship? Well, more of a row boat, actually, but it's a start. Hey, cutie. I gave Zevon a ride in exchange for a full 50-foot schooner when he takes over Auradon.
Carlos Takes over?! You? Please! Wait! Why?
Zevon To fulfill my family's destiny! To rule an empire. Auradon will be mine!
Jay Hey, that's my dad's scepter! That should be in the museum.
Zevon No. It belongs in the hands of king Zevon!
Jay Not if we can stop you.
Zevon Ba-bam!
All Whoa! Whoa!
CJ Guess it's time for the potion portion of the show.
Zevon The school's chemistry lab had nearly all the ingredients I desired.
Jane Try running backwards!
Zevon Ba-boom! As fun as this is, I have a kingdom to take over, so, Ka-bow! Oh, look how little you are.
CJ Especially Carlos. Well, I'm gonna go get a good seat for the hostile takeover. I'll be back when the dust settles!
Zevon Now, for the jewels. What?! Gone! Looks like I'll have to crash the Jewel-bilee.