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Pain and Panic are two of the lackeys of Hades and two of the villains imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost. There is a place called Pain Lane, possibly named after Pain.

Before the Isle of the Lost[]


Pain and Panic 1997

Pain and Panic as they appear in Hercules

Pain and Panic's main role in the film was as the comic relief. They were ordered by Hades to kidnap the baby god Hercules. After they managed to do so, they then had to feed Hercules a potion which would make him mortal, and kill him. However they were startled by Alcmene and Amphitryon before they could give the baby the very last drop of potion, and since Hercules retained his god-like strength as a result, could not kill him. Pain and Panic nevertheless attack him in the guise of snakes, and discover that because he did not drink the last drop he has retained his godly strength and they are beaten back. However, Pain decided it was better for them to not tell Hades of their failure than to admit it. When Hades inevitably learned about their treachery, he was furious at them.

Later on, they shifted into two small children as bait to lure Hercules to the lair of the Hydra using the excuse that they were trapped under some rocks. When he defeated it, Hades used them to vent his rage on.

After Hercules had become a celebrity, Pain and Panic were dimwitted enough to further enrage Hades by buying Hercules' merchandise.

When Hercules went on his date with Megara, two cute birds were seen flying around together in the beautiful Grecian garden the date ended in - and making the general atmosphere even more romantic. This became a parody of normal romantic settings, as it turned out that the two birds were Pain and Panic in disguise, having been sent by Hades to keep an eye on Hercules and Megara.

They displayed their merging abilities by transforming into a female winged horse to divert Pegasus and bind him so that he could not help or advise Hercules. Next they showed themselves perfectly willing and happy to help Hades humiliate Hercules after stripping him of his strength.

When Hercules freed the gods from their chains, Hermes kicked Panic and repeatedly spanked Pain with his Caduceus. Pegasus also used them as punching bags as his revenge for deceiving him and tying him up.

Printed Media[]

Escape from the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

Pain and Panic make their first appearance in the novel. They are seen in the Slop Shop.


  • They were the fourth and fifth Disney Villains to turn into animals. The first was Maleficent, the second was Madam Mim, the third was Jafar, and the sixth was Yzma.