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Odd Mal Out Wild Rehearsal
Jay Wait. So, you're telling me I could play a sport where I get rewarded for stealing a base.
Carlos I swear on my mother's coat!
Mal Uh, I cannot believe this is what I've been reduced to. (Enters the limo and sees Freddie sitting on the passenger's seat) What are you doing here?!
Freddie Following you. You're up to no good and I want in.
Mal Okay, Freddie, it's not even like evil. You'd be way bored.
Freddie Jacking a limo, sneaking onto the Isle of the Lost, stealing a jewel! Let's do this.
Mal You were not just following me. You were listening too!
Freddie Guilty. Just can't trust us VKs.
Car Approaching Destination. Protective Dome Disengaged.
Mal Home, freak home. Now, where do we start?
Freddie My dad hid things for just about everyone. Even for the worst of the worst.
Mal That is my mom.
Freddie Okay. So, we get in, find that jewel and get out before anyone sees us.
Mal Sounds like a plan. Let the searching begin! Eww! Monkey hair. Uh, sorry. No jewel in here.
Freddie Oooh, I like this.
Mal Any luck?
Freddie Nah. You?
Mal Nah. Cool.
Freddie Ta-dah!
Mal Whoa! O.K.! You think your dad's gonna notice we were here?
Freddie Nah. Sorry, you didn't find your jewel, Mal. But, here. This lucky necklace is all yours. From me to you.
Mal Oh, thanks, Freddie.
Freddie Guess, we'd better head back.
Mal Yeah. Huh?