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Options Are Shrinking Mal-lone
Audrey Ugh! I can't believe they're still not here!
Lonnie Oh, I just got a text from Jane. But I- I can't read it. It's- It's like super tiny.
Audrey Why in the world would Jane be sending you a super tiny text?
Jane Help! Somebody help us!
Audrey Okay. I refuse to wait any longer! The Jewel-bilee must begin. And, more importantly, my big number must go on! Hit it!
Jordan As you wish.

The road could be hard
And the night could be dark
Like a jewel we'll shine brightly
Wherever we are
If we stick to the dream
never fall apart

Ben That can't be right.

Because we're better together
Stronger side by side
This is our moment it's our time
So we're different whatever
Everyone can shine
Oh, this is the moment of our-

Zevon Hello Auradon.
Audrey What is the meaning of this? Do you know how long I worked on this number?
Zevon Oh. I didn't realize. It's so hard to see from outside. Yeah, time it just right it's really just a roll of the dice. I'm sure it's gonna be a great little song and dance. Your folks would be proud.
Audrey Aw, thanks!
Zevon The good news, however, is that you all have a front row seat for the coming REVOLTALUTION!
Ben Okay, that's far enough!
Zevon Pa-pow! Let's agree to disagree.
Audrey No! Not the jewels!
Zevon For those of you who are still confused I don't mind making this crystal clear: once I fuse all the stones together, this staff will be more powerful than a magic wand.
Jordan Then that's not gonna happen!
Zevon Kablooey! Ba-bam! That's just one jewel. Once I've combined them all, I will rule all of Auradon!
Lonnie Oh, no!
Zevon Bu-bye.