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Prince Phillip is the the deuteragonist of Disney's 1959 animated feature film Sleeping Beauty. He is the husband of Princess Aurora and father of Princess Audrey He has an image of him located within the Auradon Cathedral and attended King Ben's coronation with his family.

Background Information[]

Psychical Appearance[]

In Sleeping Beauty, in his youth he was a young boy with fair skin, has short, blonde eye and brown eyes, he wore a silver-grey outfit with a small blue cape and a lighter blue hat with a red feather.

As a young adult, Prince Phillip is now slightly tan with light brown hair, he wore a black and grey outfit with the sleeves light grey and the tunic black which was held together by a belt, his outfit also has puffed red sleeves with darker red lines and often wears a red cape with a matching hat and brown boots.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Prince Phillip 1959

Prince Phillip as he appears originally in Sleeping Beauty.

On the day of Princess Aurora's christening, young Prince Phillip and his father attended as King Hubert, Phillip's father, was great friends with King Stefan, Phillip and his father watched as Maleficent appeared in the room in a fit of jealousy after not being invited, Phillip watched as his future bride was cursed but soon saved by Merryweather who changed it so that the spell would only cause Aurora to fall into a deep slumber should she prick her finger on the spinning wheel.

Years later, Phillip rode in the forest on his horse Samson but stopped upon hearing someone singing, he eventually located the person and came across a seemingly peasant girl, unaware it was his bride-to-be, he then attempted to meet up with her later only to be told he couldn't by Aurora who tried leaving him but agreed to see him that night.

Upon entering the cottage in an attempt to see the peasant girl again, Phillip was captured by Maleficent and her goblin minions who took him away as Maleficent's prisoner, Phillip was later freed by The Three Good Fairies who aided him in his plan to defeat his captor, after killing Maleficent using the sword given to him, Phillip was taken to the now sleeping Aurora and woke her up with true love's kiss which broke the spell, he later dance with his wife after reuniting her with her parents after years.


He attended Ben's coronation with his family, where he also witnesses the arrival of Maleficent, who leaves everyone present paralyzed, until the Fairy Godmother undoes the spell.


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