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Queen Leah is the mother of Princess Aurora, the husband of King Stefan and grandmother to Princess Audrey. She, much like her husband, wished for a child and was overcome with joy at the birth of her daughter.

She is portrayed by Judith Maxie.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

      Further information: Sleeping Beauty

Queen Leah in Sleeping Beauty

Queen Leah as she appears originally in Sleeping Beauty.

On the day of her daughter's christening, Queen Leah stood by a young Prince Phillip as the latter looked down at his future bride, after Maleficent appeared and feigned sadness over not being invited, Leah apologised only to be soon horrified once Maleficent cursed the infant by declaring that upon her sixteenth birthday, Aurora would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die, the curse was changed by Merryweather who made it so Aurora would only fall into a deep slumber. Despite not wanting to, Leah agreed to allow the three good fairies to raise her daughter.

Sixteen years later, Aurora was set to be reunited with her parents but after the curse came into effect, the queen and everyone in the kingdom was put into a sleep by the fairies until they could save Aurora, after Phillip woke the princess, Leah hugged her daughter for the first time in years.

Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

Queen Leah appeared in Mal's dream where the latter saw the day her mother cursed the infant princess.


Leah attended Family Day with her daughter, son-in-law and her granddaughter, upon noticing Mal, she becomes confused on who the girl is as she has never seen her before, though Mal attempts to explain herself, Audrey intervenes and drops enough hints to her grandmother that is a villain, Leah becomes confused once more confusing Mal for Maleficent though soon learns she is not the villain who cursed her daughter but is instead Maleficent's child, upon hearing this, Leah erupts in rage declaring that the Isle of the Lost's children will only harm and destroy them and all of Auradon claiming that because of Mal's mother, she missed Aurora's first words and steps.

After seeing Mal and her friends stop Maleficent during the coronation, Queen Leah accepts the four friends and apologises for their actions.

Descendants 3[]

Upon watching the now King Ben propose to Mal, Queen Leah chastises Audrey for letting Ben get away and only makes her granddaughter feel worse by mentioning that her daughter caught a prince while sleeping, after Hades revived Audrey after the latter turned into a villain, Leah apologised once more to Mal and appreciated the help to save Audrey.



  • Despite only being a minor character in her debut, she appears much more in Descendants and its third sequel.
  • It is alleged that Verna Felton, the voice of Flora in the same film, voiced Queen Leah in Sleeping Beauty with Disney claiming they have no proof of who even voiced the queen.
  • She is the first mother of a Disney princess to be alive throughout her debut film.
  • She is the first biological mother of a Disney princess to be in a Disney feature length film with the Evil Queen and Lady Tremaine only being step-mothers to their respective step-daughters
  • She was not named as Queen Leah in her debut film but was named in A.L. Singer's 1993 adaptation. [1]


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