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The Queen of Hearts, formerly known as Princess Bridget of Hearts as a teen, is the main antagonist in the 1951 animated film Alice in Wonderland, in the film Descendants: The Rise of Red she serves as both a major antagonist but as a supporting major character in her youth as Bridget, she is also the antagonist of the prequel book Beyond the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland. In Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, it is revealed that she owns a salon back on the Isle of the Lost. She is the mother of Red.

In The Rise of Red, the Queen of Hearts is portrayed by Rita Ora. In her youth, Bridget is portrayed by Ruby Rose Turner.

Background information[]


As an adult, the Queen of Hearts “rules over the kingdom of Wonderland with an iron fist,” and is described as “withholding” and “tyrannical.” Despite being Red's mother, sharing mother-daughter moments and helping her (both on a few and rare occasions), the Queen of Hearts has proven to be ruthless even towards her own daughter as shown in Beyond the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland: A Descendants Novel, when she locks Red up for a whole night along with Ace and Chester, who had refused to betray his friends, also when she turns Ace into another soldier of The Crimson Army, while Chester turns him into a cat, so that Red could concentrate on the annual Wonderland tea party.

The younger version of the Queen of Hearts, Bridget, however, is “sweet-natured, bubbly, generous — and the complete opposite of her grown-up self.” Because of her good soul, she gives compliments to others, can be apologetic and comforting, even when she's not at fault and doesn't appear to have ill will to those who are unkind to her (mainly Uliana), until she pulled a cruel prank on Bridget with the assistance of her gang. This caused her to become villainous and demanding. While talking to Chloe and Red, Bridget also comments that she would want her daughter to think for herself and she doesn't resort to stealing banned books from Merlin Academy since it's risky.

Despite her negative traits, she's back to being good-hearted as an adult after the timeline gets altered.

Physical Appearance[]

In Alice in Wonderland, she is a woman with a large physique with fair skin, black hair that is often tied back, she wears a black and red gown with black and yellow stripes, she also wears a pair of red heels. The queen accessorizes with a small, gold crown, a pair of gold earrings and often carries a sceptre with a hair on it.

In Descendants: The Rise of Red, the Queen of Hearts is a slim woman with long red hair and a large crown symbolizing her authority. She wears red eye-shadow. She dresses in a red gown with a large heart-shaped collar corset. Her dress has rose designs and wears a red heart collar. However, Bridget, her teenage self, is a light-skinned girl with curly light pink hair that reaches over her shoulder. She wears different shades of pink with little hearts. Her outfit is a pink buttoned-up dress with puffy shoulders with dark pink ruffles at the sleeves and under the dress. She also wears light pink tights with little hearts down the side.


  • Enchanted Deck of Cards: The Queen of Hearts possesses unique magic, being able to use decks of cards to cast multiple spells.
    • Conjuration: Through certain cards, the Queen can summon her Card soldiers.
    • Energy Blast: The Queen can launch explosive magic cards capable of destroying even magic objects such as Fairy Godmother's Magic Wand.
    • Barrier Generation: By launching her cards, the Queen can generate barriers to block doorways, archways etc.
    • Bubble Transmutation: The Queen can also transform her cards into heart-shaped bubbles. This is seen at the end of the film.
  • Alchemy: When she was a student at Merlin Academy, Bridget was in Honours Alchemy. This is what helped her to be able to cook magical food.
    • Magical Food: As a teenager, The Queen of Hearts practiced magical gastronomy, being able to cook food and infuse her magic into it for different effects.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

      Further information: Alice in Wonderland

The Queen of Hearts 1951

The Queen of Hearts as she appears originally in Alice in Wonderland.

She is the feared ruler of Wonderland, known by her subjects for beheading those who anger her. When Alice meets her, the Queen invites her to play croquet, but after an incident at the game that Alice blames, he organizes a trial against her.

During the trial, the Queen wishes to pass sentence to condemn her and order her head to be cut off. After Alice ends up irritating the Queen during the trial, she and her subjects end up chasing the girl, until Alice wakes up seeing that she was dreaming about it.

Beyond the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland: A Descendants Novel[]

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Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

The Queen of Hearts is present as the heartless and tyrannical ruler of Wonderland. She tries to raise her daughter, Red, into becoming just as ruthless as herself. However, her daughter simply wishes to be in charge of her own life, which she often criticizes and makes remarks on, such as calling her a "disappoint". She gives power to Red and lets her come up with her own rules, such as deciding sinister punishments for others, which ultimately ends in Cinderella being at stake of an execution as she demands her iconic line "Off with her head!".

As Bridget, her younger self, she is present as a kind, generous and open-minded person who only wishes to see the good in people, including Uliana, who despises her for it.

At the end of the movie, the Queen of Hearts is seen as a more supportive and positive mother of Red, who she truly cares about and wants the best for.


Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

Queen of Hearts[]

Group Songs


Group Songs


Queen of Hearts in Card

The Queen of Hearts in a card in School of Secrets.

  • At the end of The Rise of Red, she receives a change in colour scheme with additional white layers, to resemble red and white coming together to form pink, in reference to her younger self.
  • The white is also a reference to the White Queen and Red Queen in Wonderland as in Descendants, there is only one queen, so all three monarchy roles are all merged together to form Bridget.
  • In the School of Secrets episode "Day 16: Hearts", she appears (with her design of the 1951 animated film) as a picture with the playing cards that some of the students at Auradon Prep play.
  • It is unknown to whether or not her husband, the King of Hearts, was imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost with her or stayed in Wonderland.
  • The Queen of Hearts' crimes were:
    • Attempted Murder (Alice)
    • Abuse of power (Ordering executions for petty crimes and mistakes and never accepting when she is wrong).
  • Prior to The Rise of Red, it is stated in the books of The Isle of the Lost series prior to Beyond to the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland that she was imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost with the other villains; it is unknown whether she was eventually sent back to Wonderland as its Queen or if the information regarding her time on the Isle is considered a continuity error.
  • Her dorm number at Merlin Academy is Room 303.


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