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The Queen of Hearts has a strained relationship with her daughter and often attempts to get her to act more obedient, she becomes agitated and angered when Red acts out of line. Upon Chester and Ace's second capture in Beyond the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland: A Descendants Novel, the queen shows no signs of mercy for her daughter when transforming the two into a Card Soldier and a cat showing that she does not care for her daughter's feelings believing friends are a waste of time and that only power is important.

King of Hearts[]

The King of Hearts is the husband of the Queen of Hearts.


Jack of Diamonds[]

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In her youth, the Queen of Hearts, then known as Bridget, attended Merlin Academy where she became good friends with Ella, the girl eventually known as Cinderella. At some point, Bridget and Ella fell out and did not talk to each other. Years later, Bridget, the now Queen of Hearts reunited with Cinderella when Red gets invited to Auradon Prep, the queen then starts a coup during Uma's welcoming ceremony, Cinderella refuses to kneel as the queen orders for a beheading and has her old friend taken away as Red and Chloe, Cinderella's daughter, watches in horror.