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Red, also known as Princess Red of Hearts, is the titular main protagonist of the film Descendants: The Rise of Red, as well as the protagonist of its prequel book Beyond the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland. She is the daughter of Queen of Hearts. In The Rise of Red, both Red and Chloe Charming plan to use the White Rabbit's pocket watch to go back in time to stop an event that will lead to a coup.[1] She is portrayed by Kylie Cantrall.

Background Information[]


Red is a whip-smart and rebellious 16-year-old girl. Red is also self-aware, knowing that she will never get her mother's support or approval for ideas, so she finds ways to provoke her mother and stir up trouble.[1] Red is a troublemaker, and she gets herself in and out of a lot of trouble, but the important thing is she gets herself out of it. Red describes herself as an anti-hero who prefers to do things her way and goes against the status quo. Red struggles to find her own Independence and free herself from her mother's reign over her. She's tired of being told how to live her life and she has very few friends as she doesn't trust others. Despite this, she's passionate, courageous, and there for her friends.

Physical Appearance[]

Given her name sake, Red is a girl with long red hair that is partly tied up at the top with matching bun, she wears a red cropped leather jacket and a black and red shirt with black netted sleeves, her shirt bears multiple hearts that are half black and half red with a white strike going down the middle. She wears red and black pants with red and black combat boots. Over her shirt and pants, she wears a skirt, two shades of red, and a belt with her emblem in a gold shade. She also accessorizes with black fingerless gloves.

Another outfit is a red shirt hidden under a red and black leather jacket with studs on the sleeves and hood, as well as her emblem on the back. She rocks black leather pants with red studded stripes going down the hood, as well as matching combat boots, a studded belt, and fingerless gloves. Red has a nose hoop piercing on the left side of her nose.


Beyond the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

In the prelude novel, Red is introduced as the princess of Wonderland and the daughter of the Queen of Hearts, the ruler of Wonderland. Red was born and raised in Wonderland. When the Queen declares that Red will issue a royal decree at the annual Wonderland Tea Ceremony (aka she'll come up with new ridiculous laws). Red, loathing the idea of following in her mother’s crimson-heeled footsteps, bands together with Ace and Chester to plan the ultimate rebellion: a party. Little does she know that they’ll be setting off a chain of events (or un-events) that could change things forever.

Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

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The Rise of Red[]

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