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Redempton is a town in South Riding, Auradon. It has its own castle, and closely located to it are Auroria Priory and Leopoldville. Not much is known about this quaint of a town, besides that, the ruler most likely is King Phillip or King Eugene Fitzherbert.


20 years prior to Descendants, the small city of Redemption was a part of the kingdom Auroria (or Corona). That was before King Beast and Queen Belle united all of the kingdoms to Auradon. Both Corona (now named Tangletown) and Auroria were combined into one of The 19 Regions of Auradon, namely the South Riding.


  • The town has its own castle.
  • The town is not shown on all official maps.
  • Its name comes from the word "redeeming" meaning turning good again. This matches "The Bridge of Benevolence"(Benecolance means courage).