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Roger Radcliffe is one of the heroes of Auradon and husband of Anita Radcliffe, being originally from the 1961 animated film 101 Dalmatians. He appears in the book, Return to the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel.


Before the formation of Auradon[]

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He is a songwriter who, thanks to his Dalmatian Pongo, meets Anita in the park, whom he later marries. Some time later, when Pongo and Perdita, Anita's Dalmatian, have 15 puppies, Cruella De Vil makes them an offer to buy them, but Roger rejects it.

One night, the puppies are kidnapped, and Roger suspects that Cruella is behind it, although the police found no evidence of this. Some time later, while Roger is worried because Pongo and Perdita left, he is happy when the dogs return home with their puppies and 84 others. With which, Roger proposes moving to a farm to have more space.

Return to the Isle of the Lost[]

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