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Rotten to the Core (Parent's Revenge) is a reprise of "Rotten to the Core" in Disney's Descendants: The Musical. It is sung the actors playing Maleficent, Cruella, Jafar and the Evil Queen.


Evil Queen:
They Say we're trouble, they say we're bad

They say we're evil

Evil Queen:
And that makes me glad

They took our island, we want it back
And so we'll take it, what's wrong with that?

Soon we'll have a wicked world

All 4:
A wicked, wicked world.
We're rotten to the core, rotten to the core
Who could ask for more? (who could ask for more)
My kids aren't like the kids, like the kids next door
They're rotten to the core...
Cause we're rotten to the core

The Past is past, forgive forget except..

All 4:
You aint seen nothing... yet!