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There are multiple royal families in the United States of Auradon. This is because it used to be separate kingdoms until Belle and Beast (Adam) united them and got elected King and Queen. However, the other royal families remained to have their titles.

Auradon's Royal Family[]

Auradon's Royal Family

The first King of Auradon was King Beast, he and Queen Belle united the kingdoms of Auradon. Queen Belle isn't royal born, she is the daughter of the inventor Maurice. Par 2015, their sixteen-year-old son Ben was crowned in the cathedral of Auradon and so he became the current king. Par 2019, Ben proposed to Mal, asking her to be his wife, she accepted. Then in 2021 they got married, and Mal became the current queen.


Auroria's Royal Family[]


L to R: Queen Leah, Queen Aurora, Princess Audrey and King Phillip

The Royal family of Auroria goes back hundreds of years as Audrey mentioned. The Current King and Queen are Audrey's parents: King Phillip and Queen Aurora. Queen Aurora is the daughter of Queen Leah and King Stefan. Since she was a baby she has been engaged to Prince Phillip, whose father, King Hubert was a good friend to Stefan. Aurora was raised however in the forest as a peasant girl out of fear for Maleficent. There she fell in love with Phillip without knowing who he really was. Auroria is located in the South Riding.


Cinderellasburg's Royal Family[]

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Cinderellasburg is named after its current queen: Queen Cinderella, the wife of King Charming. Queen Cinderella wasn't born a royal, although she was the daughter of a nobleman. The King and Queen have one son and daughter: Chad and Chloe Charming.


Charmington's Royal Family[]

Snow White (Descendants 1)

Charmington is ruled by Snow White and King Florian. Besides being a queen, Snow White is also a live news reporter who reported King Ben's coronation. It isn't much known about Florian's family besides the fact that it is pure royal. Snow White is also born royal, and stepdaughter to the Evil Queen. Due to Snow White's relationship with her stepmother ending on the death of her father, she and Evie have no relation. Evie is merely Snow White's stepsister.


Tangletown's Royal Family[]


Tangletown, formerly known as Corona, was once ruled by King Frederic and Queen Arianna. Their daughter Rapunzel was lost for 18 years when she was kidnapped by Mother Gothel. Now, she and Eugene Fitzherbert rule Tangletown. They have two daughters, one named Ruby and another one whose name is unknown.


Bayou de Orleans's Royal Family[]

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King Naveen and his wife, Queen Tiana

Bayou de Orleans was formerly known as Maldonia, the current rulers are King Naveen and Queen Tiana. Queen Tiana was not born royal and instead married into royalty. King Naveen also has a younger brother, Prince Ralphie.


Agrabah's Royal Family[]


Aladdin and Jasmine

The Sultan and Sultana of Agrabah are Aladdin and Jasmine. Aladdin was a street-rat once and son to Cassim. Jasmine was the daughter of a Sultan and a deceased Sultana. Aladdin and Jasmine have one child: Prince Aziz, although in the Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, it is mentioned that Aziz is their oldest son.