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Ruby Rose Turner is an actress and singer. She appears in Descendants: The Rise of Red as the Queen of Hearts teenage self known as Bridget.


She was born to Andrew and Natalie Turner and is the younger than her sister Nadia, her other siblings include her brother Alec who is a producer and other brother Alfie who is not in the industry.

In 2014, she starred in Annie, although uncredited as she played one of the orphans, it wasn't until 2018 that she got a recurring role on a show. That year, she starred in Coop and Cami ask the world where she portrayed Cami Wrather and co-starred with Dakota Lotus, the latter who played the other titular character of the show, Cooper Wrather. The show came to an end in 2020.

Early life and present[]

Ruby was born to Andrew and Natalie Turner as Ruby Rose Turner on the 16th of October 2005 in Los Angeles, California. At the age of seven, she began her career as a dancer on "Sabado Gigante" Miami's longest running TV show. She was also a competitive dancer where she competed for four years and won several awards. She appeared twice on ABC's "Dancing with the stars" that included her promoting the modern day Annie (2014). She took part in several international and national commercials and had multiple guest starring roles in Black-ish. She would then go on to have a recurring role on Fuller House on Netflix where she played the eldest Gladstone daughter named Phyllis. She is also the voice of Sara Grace in the English dub of Netflix's Eden.

IMDB biography[]

"Ruby Rose Turner is an actress and singer who began her professional career at the age of 7 as a dancer on an episode of Univision Miami's longest running hit TV show, "Sabado Gigante." Ruby was a competitive dancer for four years winning several small group National Champion award titles prior to working professionally in the entertainment industry. She has appeared twice on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" in a special live performance promoting the modern day "Annie" movie alongside Quvenazhane Wallis, and again most recently as "young Julianne Hough" in a Move Beyond Tribute performance. Ruby has appeared in numerous National and International Television Commercials. Ruby appeared in Guest Starring roles on ABC's "Black-ish", and Recurs on Season 2 and Season 3 of "Fuller House" on Netflix as Joey Gladstone's oldest daughter, Phyllis Gladstone. Ruby stars as the title character Cameron (Cami) Wrather, on the Disney Channel series "Coop And Cami Ask The World." Most recently, Ruby can be heard voicing the English version of the Character, Sara Grace, in Netflix's Eden".


  • Younger sister of Nadia Turner
  • Has a height of 5'4
  • IMDB says that Turner's trademark are roses, ironically the flower the Queen of Hearts yells about being painted in the song "Painting the roses red"