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Good Is the New Bad I'm Your Girl
Mal I can't believe I let you talk me into doing this!
Evie What happened to: 'Sure, best friends. Anything for you.'
Mal That was before I knew it would involve pompoms.
Evie Forget about the pompoms and focus on the super awesome outfit we made.
Mal It is pretty wicked, isn't it? I think that all cheerleading outfits should have spikes.
Ben Wow! You look great! I'm so glad, you're doing this.
Mal You know me. Anything to show my school spirit.
Jay Does Spirit Day involve hitting people?
Ben No.
Jay Stealing?
Ben No. But feel free to put these ideas in the suggestion box.
Jay Will do!
Mal You have a suggestion box?
Ben No.
Mal You lied to keep him from bugging you?
Ben Well, I...
Mal I have never been more into you.
Ben Okay. I'll see you out there.
Audrey So you, guys, know the cheer?
Mal You just gave it to us.
Audrey Everyone knows the cheer. We do it every year. F-I-G-H-T What's that spell? Fight, fight, fight!
Evie Is it just me...
Mal Does this cheer sound exactly like that spell that my mom used to say to us when we were kids? How did that go? B-I-T & E! What does that spell?
Evie Bite, bite, bite!
Mal and Evie Speak no words will cause a fright. What's a bark without a bite?
Carlos You accidentally turned everyone into dogs and you want me to help you use your spell book to reverse it? Of course I speak dog. I'm Cruella's son! But why don't you just spell them back? Right! You can't because all you can do is bark. Sorry, Mal, but opportunities like this don't happen every day. Hi, Jay! Roll over! Play dead. This has to go on the record. Down, girl. Heel! Fine. Give me the spell book. Page 43, got it. Here it is... Bark - woof - bark - bow - wow. Bark, grrr...
Jay Hey!
Carlos Hi... guys.
Ben Jay, you know how I said Spirit Day shouldn't involve hitting people?
Jay Yeah?
Ben I changed my mind.