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Chemical Reaction Steal Away
Speaker Dialogue
The episodes starts at the buffet table. Mal is helping herself to some food when Audrey shows up to accuse her of being evil.
Audrey Well, hello.
Mal Hey, Audrey.
Audrey Save your sarcasm, Mal. And save the whole "I choose good" act. Because we know you've been faking it. You've been evil all along!
Carlos Whoa, whoa, whoa. Accusations are flying faster than Aladdin in here.
Jay And you don't wanna let frown lines spoil that beautiful face. Do you?
Evie Audrey, we VKs may be a lot of things, but we're not fakers.
Audrey Just admit it. You're furious about not getting a jewel, and you're 100% evil!
Evie You're wrong. Mal is our friend.
Audrey We have been planning this song and dance for ages!
Evie Mal is just-
Carlos Okay, calm down. Calm down.
The VKs and AKs being to argue loudly as Mal hesitates.
Mal Stop... Stop. Stop! (casts a spell on her friends) Bicker, holler, squabble, and squawk, twist their words when next they talk!
Mal casts a spell on the VKs and the AKs that forces them to switch all the words together in half.
Audrey In trouble big you are! (points at Mal, then pauses) Huh?
Ally What now happening is?
Jane Voices our she's bewitched!
Jay Deserve you what get you. Hey!
Evie Okay, okay. Things got a little heated. We all said things that didn't make any sense. But I'm sure if we ask nicely, Mal will take it all back. (to Mal) Right, Mal?
Mal Wrong!
Mal jumps onto the table and sings "Evil".

I carry on like a princess
But, man, I've got 'em fooled
'Cause underneath my business
I am cold, I'm hard, I'm cruel

She then casts another spell on her friends that forces them to dance against their will.

Never gonna put a spell on me
Never ever gonna bring me back
Never gonna make me be something
I'm not

Because I'm evil
Tell the people I'm evil

Getting the chance, the AKs and VKs start to throw food at Mal, only for her to dodge them and keep dancing.
Jay What the heck?!
Jane Anyone pizza like?
Carlos There's face in your pie!
Audrey Gross!
Jane Sorry so I'm.
Jay (laughs, then gets hit in the mouth by the food) Oh! Not bad. Hey! Eating cures the spell. Dig in!
They all stop the food fight and eat.
Audrey That's it! As chairman of every committee, I hereby banish you from the Jewel-bilee!
Jane gasps.
Audrey And if I had the power, I would banish you from Auradon.
Mal Aw, that's okay, Audrey.

Because I'm evil
Feels good to be bad
So good to be bad

Mal sings "Evil" again and walks away forcefully.
Jane What is going on? (runs away and follows Mal)
Evie This isn't Mal. Why is she acting like this?
It changes into the Museum of Cultural History. Jane wonders the same thing and follows Mal to the Museum of Cultural History.
Mal (casts a spell to open the the window) Window, window, paper thin, open up, I'm going in.
Shadowing her, she watches Mal break into the museum and nervously follows her inside.
Jane This is bad. This is really bad.