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The Enchanted Rose, or King Beast's Mystical Rose is a rose given to the Beast by The Enchantress in Beauty and the Beast.


Before the founding of Auradon[]

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Belle with Beast and the rose

Belle and the Beast with The Enchanted Rose in Beauty and the Beast

On the night that an old woman sought shelter from the weather, a then human Beast refused her entry as he was repulsed by her haggard appearance, after the woman changed into a more beautiful woman, she summoned a rose and cursed the entire castle, claiming that the rose would only bloom until the prince's twenty-first and if the last petal were to fall then the prince would remain in his beastly form forever unless he could learn to love someone and earn her trust in return.

Over time, the Beast would become possessive over the flower and hid it away in the west wing of his castle, after Belle, a young woman who only came to the castle to rescue her father, she started getting curious of the west wing and went to investigate despite the area being forbidden, after she noticed a portrait of the human prince, Belle was drawn towards the flower before being scared out of the room and castle once the Beast showed up and frightened her.

On the night that Gaston, the local town hunter, declared an attack on the castle in an attempt to kill the beast, the former severely injured his prey to the point of almost death at which point, the last petal fell, after Belle finally declared her love, the curse was lifted in time.

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The Enchanted Rose as it appears in Descendants


At an unknown point in time after uniting all kingdoms together to form Auradon, the now King Beast donated his previous possession to the Museum of Cultural History where it was encased in a glass stand with the rest of the other valuable objects.

Descendants: Wicked World[]

After noticing Mal sneak into the museum, Jane followed and almost got caught by the former after almost knocking the rose off its podium, Jane stopped its fall and placed the rode back where it was in "Steal Away".


  • The name "King Beast's Mystical Rose" comes from the sign that the rose is next to and can be clearly seen in the following image

Appearance in "Steal Away"[]