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The Evil Step-Granddaughters are the granddaughters of Lady Tremaine and the daughters of Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine. They are the cousins and sisters of Anthony Tremaine and Dizzy Tremaine.

Printed Material

The Isle of the Lost

The Evil Step-Granddaughters appear in the novel. They arrive at midnight to attend Carlos's Hellraiser at Hell Hall. Throughout the party, they beg to be chased by the Pirates led by Harriet Hook and the Gaston Twins.

When the Rotton Apples start to play, a group of the girls dance with Jay to their music. When Mal makes an announcement of playing Seven-Minutes in Heaven, the Step-Grandaughters are eager to join in and beg to be chosen for the game only to be ignored by Mal. However, when she throws Evie into Cruella's cupboard they disperse (in terror) back to the party.

During the night, Jay steals a broken glass slipper from one of the girls and opts to fix it with superglue.

The following day, a Step-Granddaughter attempts to flirt with Jay about getting the slipper back from him as he hides behind Maleficent's Statue in Dragon Hall. Refusing to come out, Jay eventually gets the girl to leave him alone.


  • They are related to Anthony Tremaine, as either his sisters or his cousins.
  • They are of noble blood however, they do not hold themselves to behave that way.
  • It is unknown if they joined Yen Sid's Anti-Heroes Club.