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The Forbidden Fortress is the location of Maleficent's true childhood home. The Forbidden Fortress is located on the Isle of the Doomed.



The Gargoyles

The Gargoyles guard the bridge to the entrance of the castle. They are awoken by Carlos after the latter steps on a slab and only after answering will they allow him, Jay, Evie and Mal to cross. Upon being asked what Cruella's one true love is, Carlos answers that it is her fur coats, the gargoyles deactivate and the four pass through.

Wall of Thorns[]

The thorns acted as another deterrent but were cut down by Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos all by using the machete, silver knives and a can of bug spray that Jay had brought with him.


Jay's Test

The Cave of Wonders[]

During the search, Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos entered through an entrance that appeared in the form of The Cave of Wonders, upon entering, Jay believed he had scored well and began picking up many of the riches only for a statue inside to ask what the golden rule was though Jay became distracted and continued to steal but snapped out of it upon noticing the other three in trouble and answered that the golden rule was that whoever has the most gold makes the rules, something his father, Jafar, had mentioned earlier that day.

The Magic Mirror[]

Magic Mirror Graphic Novel

After escaping Jay's trial, the four left the room and Evie followed a green light that lead her and the others to another room where Evie came across her reflection that showed her as an old woman as Mal then noticed it had affected her, Jay and Carlos too. The Magic Mirror then activated and asked Evie for the ingredients on a peddler's disguise, Evie then soon successfully recited the ingredient's her mother had used when spelling herself to appear as an old peddler woman in order to trick Snow White.