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Carpet Jacked Neon Lights Out
Ally It's time for the crowning of the Neon Lights King and Queen! Ben and Evie!
Evie Oh, the jewels on the crown totally match my eyes! I look so good! I don't even need a filter!
Ben I know I'm new to the whole crown thing, but I don't think plastic jewels are supposed to poke you in the skull.
Mal Beauty is pain.
Ben And I'm gorgeous.
Evie I know. I really am.
Ally And now, we invite our King and Queen to do a solo dance!
Evie Dance for me. I've got a date with some bling. Oh, crownie, I love you!
Ben Did my queen just dump me for fake jewelry?
Mal She sure did, but, hey! You gotta admit they do make a lovely couple.
Ben They do, but I can't let "crownie" outdance me. Shall we?
Mal We shall! Where is the music?
Ben Maybe it's a really slow slow dance?
Ally Excuse us. Lonnie, what's going on?
Lonnie I don't know what happened. Nothing's working. Someone cut the equipment cord!
Ally Uh, we're having some technical difficulties. Please hold. Someone cut the DJ cord!
Mal What? Who?
Freddie Uh, don't worry. I'll sing for you. No, really, I mean it. No, no, no, guys, I insist. I got this. Seriously. Go on. Dance.

♫ Why you're standing over there ♫ ♫
♫ Acting like you just don't care? ♫
♫ We can make our own kind of music
♫ We might come from different worlds ♫
♫ Might not be your kind of girl ♫
♫ But I just wanna let go and lose it ♫

♫ We are lost and found ♫
♫ So let's go turn the beat around ♫
♫ And maybe find a brand new sound ♫
♫ Let's turn it up right now ♫

♫ Because the night is young ♫
♫ And it's just begun ♫

Jordan Um, from what I see, it looks like Freddie's kinda saved the party. I don't know why you, guys, are throwing your shade.
Jane Shade?
Jordan Throwing shade is like... talking trash with your eyes, darling. Like this.
Jane I know what it means. I just wanted to see if you did.

♫ The night is young ♫
♫ And I wish that it would never end ♫

Audrey Don't you think it's kinda strange that right after the DJ cord was cut, she jumped in, all ready to sing?
Jordan Maybe she wanted to help?
Jane Or... maybe she wanted the spotlight?
Audrey I bet she cut the DJ cord.
Jordan You'd better stop trash talking before you cut a vocal cord.
Audrey Hey! Whose side are you on anyway?
Jordan The side that writes songs that good. I smell something viral. Go on, girl!

♫ And go till the sun comes up ♫
♫ The night is young ♫

Hit it, Lonnie.

Music You know I got it, I got it. I'm your girl.