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My Maid of Honor A Dress Fit for a Queen
Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts to open with Descendants: The Planning of the Royal Wedding; The Perfect Wedding Cake.
Evie Hope you're hungry, because the three biggest bakeries in the whole kingdom sent us wedding cakes to sample.
Mal Okay, cake day is officially the best day ever. That is, until the day that I see my wedding dress.
Evie (chuckles) You'll see your royal wedding dress when we actually make it, but right now we have work to do.
It turns out, Mal's first cake is shown with Mal the Dragon breathing fire saying a sign number "1".
Evie Is that supposed to be you?
Mal Yup. Might be a little over the top.
Evie And there's no Ben.
Mal But it could be delicious.
Mal and Evie take a bite of the wedding cake.
Mal Not...good.
Evie I'm pretty sure Dude could make a better cake and he's a dog. Next cake?
Mal Please.
Mal's second cake is shown with Mal and Ben nearly kissing in Descendants 2 saying a sign "M&B" and "2".
Evie Oh, this is weird.
Mal Well, you asked for Ben, and here he is.
Evie Let's give it a taste.
Mal and Evie take a bite again.
Mal and Evie Mmm.
Evie Your forehead's delicious. Coconut sponge cake with lemon meringue buttercream? I might faint.
Mal Just wait until you try Ben's hair. They spun honey like cotton candy so it melts in your mouth.
Evie This'll be hard to beat.
Mal's third cake is shown with strawberries and roses saying a sing number "3".
Evie I like it.
Mal I love it. Ben brought me strawberries on our first date.
Evie Aww, it's a sign.
Mal Let's see how it tastes.
Mal and Evie take a bite again.
Mal and Evie Mmm.
Evie Cloudberry cake with Zepherian vanilla bean.
Mal and Evie It's the best one.
Mal I don't know what cloudberries are, but I want everything to taste like them. Evie, this is the cake.
Evie Agreed. We did it. Now all that's left is your wedding dress.
Mal (surprised) Yes! I cannot wait.
Evie Now what do I do with all this cake?
Mal I have an idea. Who wants seconds?
Mal and Evie laugh and chuckle.