• Hey there. Well..for now this question is mainly to admins, thou if someone will b interested at it, glad to hear from you.

    Ever tried to use Discord? Website with chat channels. Very comfortable thing. And can be useful for us. It is obvious that our chat here is totally useless not too comfortable. Almost no one is there, messages are not going to be saved, required additional window to be opened, should be checked to find new messages. Kinda sad. Chats can be awesome not just to talk but to coordinate with other ppl. Discord is exactly this useful kind of thing.

    Why Discord: We can create our own channel with our sub-channels (almost like forum). Message are saved in history, so possible to log in, drop message and go away being sure others will not miss your message. A lot of settings. Private messages. Possibility to create voice channels to make even more comfortable to discuss something. Possibility to share screenshots. Also very comfortable sound notifications for new messages.

    Our admins are familiar with situations when someone is trying to report vandalism or other to-be-edited things, right? And sometimes can be hard to explain/understand what and where is wrong. Discord can solve this problem since there is possible to just upload screenshots of problem. So admins will see what and where is wrong (we can do it here too, yeah, but here it will ruine list of uploaded pics thou, so why bother if Discord is much better for this). Perfect for coordination. Also still a way of communication without being limited by local rule of "this is not a communication center or social network". ;) So our guys will have possibility to talk to each other and to relax in company of fellow Descendants fans.

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