• Feeling that shiver down the core yet? If you haven't, the Descendants Wiki Staff team is coming for you!

    We had a blast on last year's Halloween! Maleficent came for us, but our brave users have managed to free us from the spell. Then, we had a spectacular contest where dedicated fans showed off their artistic skills.

    This year, we're back and we aim for more fun! Featuring an exciting quest, some riddles, and definitely lots of treats!

    Are you brave enough to walk through this land of mysteries? Join us on Discord for more information and to participate on this shivering adventure!

    We eagerly await your arrival,

    The Descendants Wiki Staff team.

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    • Have fun. Can't this time. My shift hours at work are all over the place.

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    • To all users—-
      This event will start on Sunday, November 4. You can join our Discord Chat server by clicking on the “Join” button in the Discord box on our wiki page. If you have trouble joining, just click the link below:

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    • Alrighty-o. No one on the wiki has joined our Discord since this post was published to participate in the event. Nevertheless, the event will begin today (Sunday) as planned, since we already have Discord users who might be willing to participate. If any of our wiki users change their minds and want to join our exciting event, you can still join anytime throughout next week, since the event will be ongoing through the whole week. Don’t be shy, our chat welcomes all! Rewards and riddles await you!

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    • A FANDOM user
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