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Twee is the daughter of Tweedledee, twin sister of Dee, sister of Tweedledee Jr and niece of Tweedledum. She is a member of the Queen of Heart's court of nobility and does not approve of Red's rule-breaking attitude. She appears in Beyond the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland: A Descendants Novel.

Background Information[]

Twee was born in Wonderland to Tweedledee and an unnamed woman at the same time as Dee, she grew up in her homeland under the reign of the Queen of Hearts. She began to attend Wonderland High once old enough where she graduated, upon graduating, she began working in the queen's court of nobility where she was partnered with Dora.


Beyond the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel[]

Twee began working for the Queen of Heart's after graduating from Wonderland High, preferring it over being a Card Soldier or working at the school, she was ordered by the queen to work with Red on her mannerisms and etiquette due to the upcoming Tea Ceremony where she takes her role seriously. During the lessons, Twee reprimands Red for seemingly failing basic manners and mocking her when wondering if either a fork or a spoon would be the correct utensil for sorbet, going as far as to claim a spoon would be the appropriate item to use.

After Red was convinced by Ace and Chester to stop attending her lessons, Twee went with Dora through the maze to search for the princess where she claimed that she could only dream of being royalty. On the third day, Twee reprimanded Red further by demanding to know where she had been the day before as Red insisted she had been working on a project though Twee admitted she was aware that Red had been with Chester, going as to far as to suggest the Cheshire family were manipulators but eventually watched as Red finished her lesson for the day.

Once Red returned home after her trip to Bramble Bay, Twee insisted that The Duchess was nothing more than a dreadful woman. Twee would then watch as Red sat on the floor where she deemed the action non-ladylike, further claiming that the floors were dirty only for Red to insist they were clean, she, alongside Dora, were then ordered by Red to sit on the floor with her and have a conversation that did not involve anything to do with her royal duties. When Red asked the two what they would rather be instead of ladies of the noble court, Twee stated she was fine where she was, claiming she chose the role due to not wanting to teach at Wonderland High or be a guard in the queen's army, Twee then attempted to reprimand Red once again when the latter declared it would be her final day of training only for Twee to tell her that it was not her choice to make though Red told her otherwise and left the room.



Tweedledee (father)

Nothing much is known about Twee's relationship with her father other than that Tweedledee only allows his daughter to spend so much money.

Dee (Twin sister)

Despite being Dee's twin sister, Twee does not see eye-to-eye with her and believes she is in the right for remaining in Wonderland whereas Dee left for Bramble Bay which caused a strip between the two.


The Queen of Hearts

Twee is fiercely loyal to her queen and obeys orders without question.

Princess Red

Twee is not above attempting to put the princess in her place and believes she should not be so rebellious.



Although she never interacted with Chester, Twee believes he, and the rest of his family, are manipulators.


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