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Uliana is a main antagonist in the film Descendants: The Rise of Red. She is the younger sister of Ursula, and maternal aunt of Uma. She is a bully and a leader of her own gang at Merlin Academy. She is portrayed by Dara Reneé.

Background Information[]


Uliana is a force to be reckoned with. She is a teen sea-witch and mean-girl bully with eight wicked tentacles which she uses to rule Merlin Academy. She often feels like she has to outdo Ursula’s evilness which causes her to torment any poor unfortunate soul who happens to cross her path. However, Uliana is not necessarily immoral and more misunderstood; her insecurities of not being as powerful as her sister, Ursula causes her to lash out on others. Deep down, her biggest fear is that others will see the hidden vulnerability caused by her sister.

Physical appearance[]

Uliana is a beautiful brown-skinned girl with thick, long beautiful blue, green, teal, and yellow locks which she wears in a crown. Her makeup is lightly made, with an exception to her turquoise and purple colored eye-shadow. Her outfits are always made by the top designers of the sea. She wears a sea green leather jacket with purple shoulder pads and gold lining as well as green fabris that resembles electricity. Uliana sports a teal and purple sequin shirt under her jacket as well. She also wears a black belt with her emblem, a eel wrapped around a tentacle along with turquoise and purple fabrics under her belt to make a skirt with aqua colored pants with gems, and black combat boots with purple straps and platforms. Even in her human form, her eight tentacles are always behind her.


Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

Throughout the entirety of the movie, Uliana is presented as a spiteful bully who deliberately targets Ella and Bridget for, as she states, "standing in her way". She dislikes how Bridget is always capable of seeing good in people and teases her with her gang. For instance, when she is offered one of her flamingo-feathered cupcakes, Uliana snatches them in an attempt to steal all the feathers which are well-known for causing mischievous side effects and places them all in her mouth despite several warnings. As a result, she is temporarily transformed into her flamingo-headed self, where she chases the two around and falls into a pool of water where she revives herself. This is where her revenge started for the princess and so she planned to use on of Merlin's spellbooks to pull a prank on her during a celebration so she could ridicule her in front of an audience and finally remove her out of her tentacle's ways.


Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

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