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Uma - Descendants 3

  • "What's my name?"
  • "Poser."
  • "'That little traitor, who left us in the dark."
  • "That snooty little witch, who grabbed everything she wanted and left me nothing."
  • "I'm need you to shut up."
  • "Harry, that's her turf, now! And I want it, too. We should not be getting our leftovers, son of Hook, son of Gaston, and me, most of all, daughter of Ursula!"
  • "When I get my chance to rain down evil on Auradon I will take it, there gonna forget all about that girl."
  • "And I wanted a sea pony. Life ain't fair!"
  • "Loser, party of one, right this way please."
  • "Oh, I'm sorry we're down a butler today."
  • "You know, I've dreamed of this. You wanting something from me and me watching you squirm like a worm on a hook."
  • "You could stick a tiara on a villain, but you're still a villain."
  • "This island is a prison, thanks to your father."
  • "By the power of the sea, break it down and set us free."
  • "You do not get to win every time!"
  • "True love's kiss won't defeat this. The world will know my name!"

  • "Drop something?"
  • "That's my name."
  • "So, the good guy's the bad guy?"
  • "Is she always this perky?"
  • "Found her diary and dang did you ruin Audrey's life."
  • "How could anyone with this bed ever be unhappy?"
  • "Nice digs."
  • "I've seen what lies outside the barrier. Riches and Magic, Beyond imagination! And They've kept it all For Themselves! Mal promised us freedom! Delivering only lies... surprise, surprise. Opening the gates of Auradon For Her Friends, And no one else. No room for us poor unfortunate souls. I'm done waiting for a day that will never come. THE ISLE WILL RISE!!! THE BARRIER WILL BE BROKEN!! and their world... will become ours. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

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