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The relationships of Uma throughout the Descendants franchise.


Ursula is Uma's mother who Uma shows a lot of resentment towards. She tells Ben her mother doesn't care about her unless she needs someone to work the night shift. Ursula is shown to be physically abusive as she attempts to whip Uma with one of her tentacles after Uma performs 'What's my Name?" in the shop.

Harry Hook

Uma is Harry's captain while he is her first mate. They consider themselves as each other's oldest friend in the Isle of the Lost. When they were kids, Uma usually ordered him around and Harry fell into the habit of following her orders. They were always up for mischief and adventure. Both of them had Accelerated Piracy: Hostage Taking and Threatening as their favorite subject in Serpent Prep. The two may have a crush on each other, which is shown throughout the movie as the two are often touching, and Harry lets Uma wear his hook.


Gil is a member of Uma's pirate crew. Uma, Gil, Harry, and Roxanne used to be inseparable, but Gil drifted away. He joined again once Uma became the new leader over the Isle.


Uma and Mal were partners in crime as children. One day, Uma thought Mal was drowning and went in to save her, but when she realized Mal wasn't drowning, Mal dropped a bucket of shrimp on her head before calling her "Shrimpy". Mal was threatened by Uma's evilness and felt that she needed to take out the competition. Since then, Uma has grown vengeful.