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The Underworld is the former home of Hades and is the final resting place for the deceased. Prior to his banishment to the Isle of the Lost, it was ruled by Hades.

Before the formation of Auradon[]

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Hades was given permission to rule the Underworld by his older brother Zeus though unwillingly. However, Zeus was unaware that Hades despised his new home and role which lead Hades to wanting to overthrow the other gods. Eventually, Pain and Panic began working for Hades though were nothing more than minions who feared their master and endured when Hades became angered at them when they caused issues. Wanting foresight to make sure his plan to overthrow Zeus would be successful, Hades consulted The Fates who told him that a hero would stop him in eighteen years time, Hades had Pain and Panic leave the Underworld to have the would-be-hero be turned into a mortal and die before he could grow up, a plan that failed when Hades discovered Hercules had lived.

After stealing Hercules' strength, Hades went through with his plan and in the process had Megara injured after a pillar fell onto her which angered Hercules due to a prior deal which would promise the former's safety, The Fates soon cut her life thread and killed her, Megara's soul was then sent to the Underworld though her death caused Hercules to regain his strength.

Cerberus in the Underworld

Cerberus in the Underworld as he appears in Hercules

Hercules then visited the Underworld to save Megara, he stopped Cerberus and demanded that Megara's soul be returned to her though Hades claims the former is dead, Hercules offers his own soul which Hades eventually accepts stating that if he wants Megara's soul then he should be the one to obtain it himself, Hercules accepts and goes to get it as Hades tells him he will die before reaching it though Hercules' genuine heroic sacrifice has his godlike abilities return to him and therefore makes him immortal, this in turn causes him to save Megara's soul and leave the River Styx unscathed, Hades' attempt to get himself out of his dilemma proves unsuccessful as Hercules punches him into the river where Hades is then trapped by the souls though he does not die due to being a god.

Places of Interest[]

  • The River Styx: It is a river in the Underworld where the souls of the deceased lay for all of eternity.
  • Tartarus: It is where Zeus banished the Titans and a Cyclops when ending a reign of destruction, it is considered the most sinister part of the Underworld.