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Face to Face Celebration
Evie There's too many of them!
Mal Evie, we need help.
Ally Attack!
Audrey AKs to the rescue!
Zevon Oh, here they come to save the day!
Ally Let's get them!
Audrey Five, six, seven, eight! Take that!
Jordan And that!
Lonnie And some of this!
Ally And some of that!
Zevon While you guys work out your differences, I'm gonna take over Auradon!
Mal Evie, keep Zevon distracted while I go for the staff!
Evie I got you, fam.
Mal You always do!
Audrey You ruined everything! And you're not even enrolled here!
Zevon Ba-bam! I think it's an improvement.
Mal Wings of bat and raven's eye, lift me up into the sky! Whoa!
Ally Aw!
Jordan I wish these puppets weren't-
Carlos We're free! Look out! You're going down, you dimestore Pinocchio. Woohoo! Puppet dominoes!
Zevon Once I add the last jewel, I will be unstoppable! Ahh!
Evie Reflect on this!
Mal It's over Zevon!
Zevon Not yet Mal, I also stole your jewel!
Evie Mal! That's my friend you're messing with!
Zevon No, no, no, no!
Mal Ka-blam! Now to undo your evil!
Audrey We will never speak of this again.
Zevon Hey watch the collar- ow ow!
Evie Later, Zevon, don't get lost on the way to the Isle! See what I did there?
Mal I saw. That should remove the curse, and now there's only one thing left to do.
Evie Jewel-bilee?
Mal No, Jewel-bilee!