aka PrinceSS

Captain First Mate
  • I live in Warframe
  • I was born on June 3
  • My occupation is Tenno
  • I am the Senate ;p
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Long live evil
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~ Hail! ~

No idea why someone can look at this page but if someone is doing it (leave. now!) - hey! ^^"

This account was created to look around on this website since used it often enough to get info, so don't be creeped out by nickname..or avatar..or whatever.

Uh, and yes, English is not even a second language for me, so..apologize in advance for all possible "mistakes".


  • "PrincessBatman" is a nickname used only on this wiki and only because it would not be sad to waste. But "Princess" part got stuck thx to other staff members and now she is called PrinceSS, no matter how far from a "suitable" name for her it could be. (make no mistake, it is not a sign of a "girly" person)
  • Still she is a girl. Even if on the avatar is Batman or other guys.
  • She is a fan of comics (Marvel, DC).
  • Spending too much time in Warframe.
  • Can be sometimes too weird to keep up.
  • Hate stereotypes.
  • 25+ y.o.
  • Still trying to respect the opinion of others. (yes, you will be banned anyway for your opinion, but warm yourself with thoughts that the existence of your opinion was respected)
  • SW fan (too much indeed T_T). Want to bribe her - use SW references while talking to her.
  • Attention: Beware of sarcasm and mocking.
  • Chatty. Even if the language is still far from perfection.
  • Dislikes a lot of things (and enjoying it).
  • Really hate boring things. Very much.
  • --->Message walls are not for being empty!<---
  • Afraid of responsibility.
  • Traps for her should be with marshmallows or they will not work.

Thx for playing! ;p


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And now for my precious Lexie, who is lurking around and reading my profile from time to time in order to loot updates on my current hair color.. /or whatever else her scheme is.. ^^"/

Killer Frost
As promised..
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