I currently have crush on boy that I was friends with back when both me and him were only 7 years old. His name is Dustin Lawrence. He called me a buttwhole back when me and him were still in 9th grade. In the Auditorium yesterday while we were taking senior pictures, his mother was there sitting down and I told her about how he called me that mean name and she told him to apologize to me and he did and now I'm glad. As of yesterday, me and him are back to being friends. I also found out he was in my school again. 

I'm more likely a Villian in real life rather than a hero. I prefer shadows over light. 

I'm sneaky, determined, careless, and short-tempered.

I'm 5'3. My fave foods are pizza and sushi rolls.

I have 2 Descendants books. I did want my MiMi to buy (order off of Amazon) Mals Spellbooks. Those books are cool and I still want her to order them in the near to late future along with the other books I want her to order after I get through reading the 2nd Harry Potter book.

I'm popular in school. I did have a crush on a boy named Alex Roman but for a little while.

The funny thing is, all of the boys (and a friend of mine who is a girl) in my first 2 classes don't have a clue that Dustin came back to our school.

I usually wear my hair up because I HATE my hair being down. It looks horrible down. The only time I wear my hair down is while I'm in bed going to sleep.

Also, IDK if my crush Dustin still goes to the Alternative School Cedarwood or if he goes here to my school. Mrs.O'Conner said she thought he went to Cedarwood still. Yesterday afternoon, I was fixed to call him and ask him is he still goes to Cedarwood or if he go reenrolled back in to my school but I found  out from my Mother that she deleted his phone # off of the house phone thinking that he wasn't going to go back to my school and she said "Ooops....".

My fave Care Bears Are: Good Luck Bear & Gentle Heart Lamb (Lammie).

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