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I'm here to announce this idea that just spawned in my mind. Don't be afraid to leave a comment underneath, whether it is to support it or to say you don't care, all responses will be welcome. Feel free to leave questions if you have any!

What is the Descendants Wiki Activity Log about?

The idea of the Activity Log is to keep users informed about the upcoming plans that the Staff team are proposing. Users can see the proposed plan, analyse it and give feedback. Users are free to suggest additional changes to the plan. Furthermore, users can also propose their own plans in Blog and send it to the Staff team.

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How shall it be done?

Plans and projects will be explained and exemplified on Blogs, published by an Admin or Moderator. Along with the Blogs, a brief message will be announced in the Forum, where the link to the Blog will be provided as well. Users can comment on either the Blog or the thread, the Staff team will check on both sides.

If a plan is left unnoticed for a week, then it is approved by default and the Staff team will proceed to execute it.

I want to propose a plan

As mentioned above, all plans proposed by users are welcomed. To propose a plan, it must be posted in a Blog. The format/structure of the Blog is not restricted, users are free to use any mean to express their ideas. However, the proposed plan must be explained clearly and included with examples.

Important note!! If any user attempt to carry out a plan without the permission of the Staff team, risks include being blocked for a month or more.

Plans in process

Finished plans

To be added...

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