Hey everyone mixed feelings ablout mal and harry people think that no they did not date each other, it was a joke,its not canon, etc and here are reasons why i think they did and this has nothing to do with them dating irl

this is from a just jarred dove cameron interview

“And then, Mal broke Harry’s heart,” Dove said. “We also decided that they got secret hook tattoos, and Thomas and I would draw them under our gloves every day. We were so into the backstory (laughs). Kenny would come up to us  and be like, ‘Do you guys have the hook tattoos?’ And we’re like, ‘Yeah, Kenny. Every day.’ And he was like, ‘OK, good. Good.’ So funny (laughs). And when Mal broke Harry’s heart, he joined Uma’s gang. That’s why he hates Mal so much. He’s like a broken man because of that.”


people also say mal said we dont date on the island but she said we dont dont MUCH on the island its MORE like getting activity and  when evie said how do u know mal u never had a boyfriend and she says she does not need one like she told uma i ahve never given you a second thought since i left that probably went to harry as well and mal hated evie at the time because of not inviting her to her birthday party and evie and her mother were far away when this happend has the event of them being banished was when they were 6 and evie came back when they where 15 or 16

them two as exes explains why he is so compterble with her as eating her gum the intimancy with the two on screen getting up close to her and cirecing her face and her getting nervous when he is around her and uma smiling while he does it and jay getting defencive of her and in the third movie he makes sure she is definatly taken 

canon means when somthing is official in movies and books and by the aurthor,director or ACTORS,

the works of a particular author or artist that are recognized as genuine.

the reason that their relationship is not in the movie is because the script was made before the actors met each other they were going to take out the mal and harry scean because the energy and connection and itamacy was to much until kenny and dove and thomas came up with the backstory

refinary29 article

Descendants 2 is scheduled to premiere on July 21, but it only takes[1]a single viewing of the movie to see that there are definitely sparks flying between Cameron's Mal and Doherty's Harry. That makes plenty of sense, since the actors confirmed their relashionship[2]back in February. It certainly would make sense for Mal — the reformed villainess daughter of Maleficent, played by Kristin Chenoweth in the first film —to have a history with Harry, the apparent son of Captain Hook. Now, it seems that the backstory is totally, 100% canon

Hook tattoos aside, there's zero love between Mal and Harry when Descendants 2 picks up. According to kenny, Harry now "hates" Mal, and is firmly on Uma's side in the conflict we'll see in the new movie.

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