Hi! I'm TheSonicFan106! Friends call me Vanna. I'm new to this wiki! I'm a HUGE fan of Descendants since I watched the first Descendants movie! Hyped for D3! I also like Sonic the Hedgehog, VeggieTales, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, MLP(FIM and EG), Pokemon, Thomas and Friends, Mario, Beyblade, Undertale, Mega Man, Marvel, DC, Ever After High, Monster High, Disney and Pixar, Kirby, 3-2-1 Penguins, Bakuguan and Yo Kai Watch. My favorite characters are Mal and Evie! I'm looking forward to helping out on this wiki as a member here! 


  • Make new friends that are Trustworthy and truthful. 
  • Make sure users are not vandalizing articles, inserting false and fake info, etc.
  • Make sure this wiki safe from Untruthful and disobient users
  • And lastly, having a blast on this wiki!

Social Media

YouTube, Pintrest, MeWe, SoundCloud, Dailymotion and Vimeo: Vanna The Hedgehog

Casting Call: Thesonicfan106

Discord: Vanna The Hedgehog#2389

Twitter: @VannaTheH

Smule: VannaTheHedgehog

Other wikis I contribute to

  • Sailor Moon Wiki
  • Big Idea Wiki
  • Lost Media Archive
  • Japanese VeggieTales Fanon Wiki
  • VeggieTales Fanon Wiki
  • Oobi Wiki
  • Miss Spider Wiki
  • Big Idea Brasil Wiki

And That's it! Can't wait to have a blast on this wiki!

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