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Careful What You Wish For Lamp Sweet Lamp
Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts. Mal and her friends wished their way into the Isle of the Lost.
Audrey Ugh! What is this hideous place?
Mal My home.
Audrey We're on The Isle of the Lost? Eww! Ben! Save me!
Mal Now I know why they say "Be careful what you wish for."
Evie I've forgotten how bad the city's drainage system is. They seriously need better catch-basins.
Mal Really?
Evie I'm taking Sustainable Urban Planning this semester.
Audrey Does it say where we are?
Ben Thanks to my dad, there's no service in the Isle of the Lost.
Audrey So we can't even find a way out of here? Can we even selfie?! (takes a selfie) Okay, this place needs so many filters.
Somebody bumped in the middle of them.
Ben Uh, excuse me, ma'am. You dropped... my wallet.
Evie We should find a place to hide.
Mal Uh, yeah. Before anybody sees we're here. There!
Audrey How are we supposed to get there? There's mud everywhere!
Ben I'll just throw my jacket over the...
Mal Why would you cover up such a perfect puddle of mud?
Mal jumps up and down on the mud.
Evie Liking mud is not a VK thing. It's a Mal thing.
Audrey, Ben, and the VKs enter the shop.
Ben Wait. Is this place even open? Store hours. Whenever we feel like it.
Mal Look at all of this junk. Oh! Dictatorship for Beginners!
Evie It's so beautiful. Oh! Don't get jelly.
Audrey Figures! The only remotely interesting item here would be on the must-go rack. What's this? It's beautiful!
Freddie walked toward Audrey.
Freddie Are you stealing that?
Audrey It was hanging with the dress. I would never steal.
Freddie I meant, why are you stealing that when you could be stealing this? (gives a cuter jewelry) It's way cuter. Go ahead! Take it.
Audrey No, I can't. That's wrong.
Freddie That's the whole point. It's what we do here. Go on, take it.
Evie Oh, no.
Ben Oh, no, what?
Mal It's Freddie.
Ben Freddie? Short for Frederique?
Mal Short for "Let's blow this voodoo stand."
The Digi-Image title says "Busted? Or to be trusted?"