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Pair of Sneakers Chemical Reaction
Speaker Dialogue
Evie Mal! You OK?
Mal Of all the words I can think of "OK" is not even in the top 10.
Evie Guess you didn't find your jewel?
Mal Nope.
Evie You want to talk about it?
Mal I'll just see you later.
Evie I'll just give you some space then. I'll be right here, giving you space!
Audrey OK! OK! Everyone, listen up. I've worked really hard on this song and dance for the Jewelbilee. So I really need everybody to step up and give a 110%. Or else...
Jordan Or else what?
Ally Or... off with their heads! ... Too much?
Audrey I just want you to watch me and follow my lead.
Mal Why should today be any different?
Audrey And 2, 3, 4. Whoo!
Audrey Ah!!
Ally That's different.
Audrey Whoa... Whoa! Stop it, leg!
Evie OK, that's a weird move.
Jane So, like this?
Audrey No! I'm not doing this!
Jordan Not doing it well, maybe.
Freddie Aah!
Jordan Hey! Watch the genie pants!
Audrey I'm out of control!
Jane Is this still part of the routine?
Mal Well, it started kinda slow, but I love the big finish.
Audrey Somebody magicked me... Mal!
Evie Audrey, why would Mal do that to you?
Audrey 'Cause she's jealous that she doesn't get to be a part of all this.
Ally Mal's not like that anymore.
Jane If she's still evil, then I'm still plain.
Audrey Um...
Evie OK, Mal. The gag was funny, but you do not want to get between Audrey and her big show. As your BFF, I have to advise you to chill.
Mal You're right, Evie. That would be the nice thing to do.
Audrey OK, I admit the song got off to a rocky start, but with my eternal vigilance slash amazing directing, I think it could look really-- AAAAH!!!