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Wonderland is a land located outside the limits of Auradon. Originating as the titular setting from the 1951 animated film Alice in Wonderland, it is the main setting in the novel Beyond the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, also appearing in the film Descendants: The Rise of Red. As Carlos mentioned in The Villain Kids' Guide for New VKs, the only way to enter the region is to find the "rabbit hole" that will cause the person to land in Wonderland.[1] Sometime later, the rabbit hole was locked up after the Queen of Hearts had it sealed shut when wanting freedom and raising an army to do so.

Wonderland has very strict rules and regulations with beheading as a punishment as well as public punishments with the guilty one being turned into an object by the Queen of Hearts herself, all laws are chosen by the queen and are done at the annual Tea Ceremony event or when she feels like there needs to be a new one.

All citizens do as ordered and follow the rules out of fear, while many remain fiercely loyal to their queen, others do it to keep themselves out of trouble but instead wish for their own freedom such as a few of the teenagers who attended the two parties held by the Wonderland Party Commission.


  • Rabbit Hole
  • The Queen of Heart's Castle and royal plaza
  • Maddox Hatter's room and workshop
  • Tulgey Wood
  • March Hare's Residence
  • White Rabbit's House
  • Wonderland High
  • Bramble Bay
  • Looking Glass Mountain
  • Vorpal Mountain
  • Tweedleton


Beyond the Isle of the Lost[]

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Descendants: The Rise of Red[]

Upon requesting that an invitation be sent to Wonderland, Fairy Godmother at first hesitates claiming that Wonderland is hostile, mentioning that the Queen of Hearts had refused to unite with Auradon and instead chose to raise an army causing Wonderland to be sealed away by having the Rabbit Hole locked up though Uma admits she is aware but tells the former Headmistress that the kids deserve a second chance, telling her to do it in honour of Carlos as Fairy Godmother agrees, the latter sends the letter to Wonderland using her wand.

As the letter arrives in Wonderland, a hooded vandal sneaks around the area destroying various items such as the roses and vases which alerts someone who declares there is a vandal in the area as the Jack of Diamonds leads his army in order to apprehend who is behind the crime though Red easily evades them only to be rescued by Maddox Hatter ("Red"). Maddox shows concern by telling the princess he wants her to have a future though Red insists that as a prisoner of Wonderland, it would never happen the way she wants it as Maddox then reveals a Pocket Watch, telling her that it can take her to a time her heart most desires but puts it in his pocket deeming Red as not mature enough, Red then hugs Maddox before thanking him for showing he cares as she secretly steals the watch, the two then hear the incoming guards as Red tauntingly forces Maddox to get her to safety as the latter uses a device to send Red through a tube and into her room where she examines the watch.

When the Queen of Hearts is brought outside to the plaza to see the damage done, she demands to know who is responsible as the subjects kneel before their Queen as the Jack of Diamonds claims he is unaware though insists he doubled the guards, tripled the patrols and offered ten diamonds to anyone who has information on the criminal. When the Queen demands that her daughter set the punishment for the Captain, Red chooses to remove his hat instead which annoys the Queen as she commands her to do it again, Red goes to make another punishment only for the court to be interrupted by Maddox who brings a letter, the Queen then reads it where she discovers that it is an invitation for Red to attend Auradon Prep, she has it signed and orders her daughter to change into another outfit, sometime later, the two leave in the Queen's car and exit through the Rabbit Hole.


  • It is shown in The Rise of Red that the citizens of Wonderland wear plain red jumpsuits but wear other kinds of clothing as mentioned in Beyond the Isle of the Lost such as one girl wearing a polka dot dress.



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