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The Wonderland Party Commission is the name of the unofficial group that consists of Princess Red, Chester and Ace, it was created by the three and named by Ace when the three planned to start a party in Wonderland despite them being banned, it was disbanded when Ace and Chester were transformed into a Soldier Card and a cat by the Queen of Hearts on the day of the annual Tea Ceremony.[1]


Status: Disbanded
Princess Red Formerly
Chester Formerly
Ace Formerly


      Further information: Beyond the Isle of the Lost: Wonderland: A Descendants Novel
When Ace and Chester succeeded in helping Red escape her room, the three discovered none of them liked following the strict rules and banded together, eventually they decided to throw a party as an act of rebellion and chose to create invites which Red and Chester personally handed out inside Wonderland High, during the first party, guards were alerted to the area causing all in attendance to escape.

On the second attempt, Red opted to have the party held in the palace due to the Queen of Hearts being away, more guests were invited as Red, Ace and Chester watched how all the guests enjoyed having their own freedom, the party was cut short upon the queen returning. On the Tea Ceremony, Ace and Chester were publicly transformed into a Soldier Guard and a cat for their crimes as Red was forced to watch with Red's punishment having to attend the ceremony and then read out a scroll by her own mother that stated all gatherings of two or more citizens should be pre-approved.




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