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Descendants: Wicked World[]

Season 2[]

Steal Away[]

Evil Among Us[]

  • "Allow me to introductory myself. I am Zevon, son of Yzma, and your worst nightmare."

Options Are Shrinking[]

  • "No doubt you've heard of my mother Yzma but today my evil maculations will rival her own!"
  • "Don't be so condescendinating!"
  • "It was all thanks to Mal."
  • "No. I would like to think she came back for me. I always imagined there was a spark between us."
  • "Oh, right. So two days ago when Mal came to the Isle. She opened the protective dome for a few precious seconds. I was watching. Not that I sit around and watch Mal it's just uh. Anyway when she finally left the Isle I boldly slipped out as the dome was opened."
  • "No, just part of the way. Then I got a ride with a friend."
  • "To fulfill my family's destiny! To rule an empire. Auradon will be mine!"
  • "No. It belongs in the hands of king Zevon!"
  • "Ba-bam!"
  • "The school's chemistry lab had nearly all the ingredients I desired."
  • "Ba-boom! As fun as this is, I have a kingdom to take over, so, Ka-bow! Oh, look how little you are."
  • "Now, for the jewels. What?! Gone! Looks like I'll have to crash the Jewel-bilee."

Party Crasher[]

  • "Hello Auradon."
  • "Oh. I didn't realize. It's so hard to see from outside. Yeah, time it just right it's really just a roll of the dice. I'm sure it's gonna be a great little song and dance. Your folks would be proud."
  • "The good news, however, is that you all have a front row seat for the coming REVOLTALUTION!"
  • "Pa-pow! Let's agree to disagree."
  • "For those of you who are still confused I don't mind making this crystal clear: once I fuse all the stones together, this staff will be more powerful than a magic wand."
  • "Kablooey! Ba-bam! That's just one jewel. Once I've combined them all, I will rule all of Auradon!"
  • "Bu-bye."

Face to Face[]

  • "Well, if it isn't the evil Isle twins. Ka-pow! Or should I say the formerly evil Isle twins, now that Auradon has made you soft. I mean, not soft like a kitten or something, but well you know what I mean!"
  • "My, how times have changed. Mal wants to talk to me. I have to admit, there was a time where I hung on your every word."
  • "But not anymore. You totally missed your chance Mal. Now, each jewel I add increases my power, and when I've combined them all, this antenna will transmit my spell across all of Auradon: to make everyone evil!"
  • "You always were the clever one Mal. Clever, enchanting, and doomed."
  • "Don't force me to destroy you Mal. Ka-slice!"
  • "Wrong again! I knew I might need backup, So that's why I broke into Geppetto's workshop."
  • "Not quite. Ba-bam! Pa-pow!"
  • "Who's pulling the strings now?"

United We Stand[]

  • "Oh, here they come to save the day!"
  • "While you guys were captured, and settle your differences, I'm gonna take over Auradon!"
  • "Babam! I think it's an improvement."
  • "Once I add the last jewel, I will be unstoppable! Ahh!"
  • "Not yet Mal, I also stole your jewel!"
  • "No, no, no, no!"
  • "Hey watch the collar- ow ow!"